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Verkeya Holman-Davis

Verkeya Speaks, Inc


The founder and board of directors of Verkeya Speaks is delighted to announce the establishment of the organization, its mission, vision and goals! Verkeya Speaks founded in 2020 is a 501(c)(3) organization founded by Verkeya L. Holman – Davis. Its mission is to strengthen communities by creating opportunities to start conversations that promote, healing, learning and empowerment. The organization seeks to do this by workshops, support groups, panel discussions, and video interviews. ​

The founder Verkeya L. Holman - Davis is a Licensed Master Social Worker currently working for the City of New York. She has been in the profession since 2008 after graduating from New York University’s Silver School of Social Work. Since that time, she has worked with youth, young adults, families and individuals from a strengths-based perspective, while incorporating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques. The work she has done was the inspiration to create the organization to address a wide variety of issues facing communities of color with an acute focus on women of color. 

In January of 2021, the organization formed its board of directors which has begun to work on the mission and vision of the organization. One of its initial activities was the selection of its first scholarship recipient Anaya Calixe who is a Thurgood Marshall Academy high school senior that has been accepted to 8 colleges and universities, she will commence her studies in Fall 2021.


Verkeya Speaks will begin accepting applications for 2022 scholarships in the near future.  In the month of March Verkeya Speaks initiated its “Share Black Stories” live stream series which includes three different, exciting and insightful conversations. Supporting Our Own, a conversation about support of black communities, After the Birth which focused on the postpartum experience and Women in Business that featured two local women of color speaking about their successes, challenges and the future of women of color in business. The organization plans to continue monthly panel discussion and video interviews with notable speakers in the future. 

Verkeya Speaks plans to hold its first virtual pop-up shop and an annual fundraiser in the coming months to support its mission and the recipients of the work it does. The founder and board will continue to strategically plan the future of the organization with a focus on openness, inclusivity and tangible social impact.