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By Verkeya Lanece

The five boroughs of New York City couldn’t contain the depth of the love, hate, frustration, honor, trouble, joy, loss, and deceit of the four relationships that have become entangled around one march for justice.

Set in the backdrop of the nationwide injustice of police brutally and COVID-19, four couples would have to fight the world outside, while maintaining the world that was their lives.

Kelly and Deshawn started out as teenage lovers and it seemed they would grow old together. However, after one faithful night and a career path that would lead to nowhere, Kelly had to decide if her future with Deshawn was worth the risk. Through time, circumstances, and the brewing hate that pierced the hearts of those in blue uniforms, one train ride would change the trajectory of the lives of everyone they loved.

Sydney and Quinn had every reason to walk away from what could be a budding love. Deciding to throw caution to the wind, and hope to the heavens the two single parents would choose each other despite their pasts that were stacked against them.  Quinn knew he could never forget the first women he ever loved seeing as though they shared a son together. With Sydney becoming more prominent in his life, he had to battle with the fact the old love wasn’t coming back and that Sydney deserved his whole heart or nothing at all.


Chole and Joseph could be seen as the perfect, black power couple if only Joseph would make the long-overdue move to secure Chole as his own. However, Chole had begun to have a change of heart after a night spent exploring uncharted territory. It would be in those open waters that she and Joseph would become two ships passing in the night enroute to their destinations.


Liza and Josh lived their life according to the vows that had been made years ago: through sickness and health, good times and bad, forsaking all others until death do us part. But somewhere along the journey, the vows began to become lies that they told themselves to keep from facing the hard truth which was marriage was harder than they had thought.


$20.00 includes shipping 


By Verkeya Lanece

New York City is the melting pot of the modern world. With the variety of cultures that blend within the Big Apple, love can be the biggest find of them all. From everyday work to a simple hello, passion is formed with time and patience. Become intertwined with the love stories that only the City of New York can produce.  Justin knew Kasey was the one from the moment he saw her, but it would take research and persistence to fully grab her attention. He was sure that once he had it, nothing but God could keep him from her. 


Camille had loved Hunter boldly, fearlessly with great passion that it would seem impossible for their fire to fizzle. Yet, as the flames began to smolder, will they be able to feed it or choke it. Sarah had a past that wouldn’t stop coming for her. Kirsten was the link to the future she longed for. However, with the mounting pressure to choose what’s best for her, Sarah would soon find out that love has no boundaries.


Aimee found Brian to be just what her life needed: a man that could handle the deepest parts of her. Brian would give her anything if it meant he would be sentenced to being her provider and protector. If they could find hope, love, friendship, and peace in the City of over a 3-million, imagine what you can find in your own backyard.


Harlem, NYC

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